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5 anecdotes of World War II


A russian soldier tired of hunger in the trenches, decides to desert and go to the german side to surrender, slithering out of his foxhole and dodging the many obstacles in no man's land, enters a bunker and says he surrenders, he has defected.

Notes that the uniforms are soviet and think they are preparing an infiltration, which did not realize is that while crawling and dodging obstacles, described a semicircle returning to the Soviet lines. The defector is removed from the bunker and shot


During the night before the Normandy landings, a sergeant and a soldier in the garden of a house in which germans staying beginning to shoot them meet, the soldier throws an object and the germans away from the windows as they flee, the sergeant tells the soldier:

- The grenade was defective

- There was a grenade my sergeant, if not a stone garden


When Hitler visited Rome Mussolini did make wooden guns… everything looked so impressive… but the generals who accompanied the entourage of Hitler realized and could conclude that Italy would not be a good ally if they wanted to start a war European.


After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The German high command was meeting (including Hitler) when they received the news, all rejoice and congratulate rien, until one question: Where is Pearl Harbor? And no one in the room knew it.


Certain german general said: "I prefer the Italians as enemies than as allies" one of those present asked amazed why that statement what this replied "if we had enemies would have to use five divisions to defeat but as allies we need twenty divisions to defend".