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The main feature that stands out in the Silver Edge gearbox is the modification for the quick spring change, in this case fully functional as the stock's tube is screwed onto the body and when removed, we can directly remove the spring rail and the spring.

Pneumatic set

Regarding the pneumatic system the quality of the spring rail stands out, with metallic head and bearings. An element that is also found in the piston head, which has jagged plastic teeth and a first metallic tooth to prevent wear and tear.


The gears of this APS fly over the 8 mm sealed bearings. As these reduce the friction of the gears as much as possible, allowing to make the most of engine power. Plus the fact that these are sealed bearings so they repel any dirt and improve performance over time.

Blowback System

The blowback system is APS' trademark, two horizontal slots in which the protective plate of the ejection port fits thanks to two small teeth and that are pulled backwards by the piston in each shot. Simple, effective and cool. It does not use any battery, it does not generate breakdowns and it definitely looks very tacticool.


We do not know which spirits will accompany the Ghost Patrol Rifle, but it will certainly stand out. Its new blue colour will be easily seen, the Sound Blaster Type A muzzle will make it recognisable to the ear, and the Silver Edge gearbox will make your enemies feel its efficiency on their skin. As you can see, this replica covers all the senses of an airsofter.