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Combat Gear by Viper Tactical

All players dream of having an airsoft gear catalogue and being told “pick everything you like”. And that is precisely what we have done. We have assembled a kit with Viper Tactical products to play the coming weekend. This is what we have chosen and why, what do you think?

Camo PCS 95 Trousers

The trousers have inclined cargo pockets that are very comfortable to use as an improvised drop pouch to place empty magazines. And both the knee pads and the inseam are reinforced, a nice detail since these two parts suffer most with usage.

Viper Base Layer Armour Top

We have chosen an extremely light 100% polyester combat shirt, which is very comfortable due to its fabric, it is elastic and wicks away body moisture keeping us dry.

VP Special Ops Boots (VCAM) 

The zip closure (YKK, by the way) of these boots makes it much easier to put them on as well as take them off. Something that paratroopers made fashionable (in their case it had more to do with the injuries they suffered while jumping). Another detail that adds comfort is the EVA rubber finish of the soles or their lightness, at just one kilogram.

Viper Tactical Snood

This snood can be used as neck protection, to protect our face if we enter a CQB or as a balaclava to hide our identity. Nothing new, but the touch of the stretch cotton fabric is surprisingly soft. We loved it.

Viper Tactical Elite Gloves

These gloves remind us of the famous Oakley Factory Pilot Glove. They are very comfortable thanks to the neoprene, they carry carbon fibre reinforcements on the knuckles, and the hands can breathe through the grid of the sides of the fingers and the palm of the hand. 

Viper Special Ops Plate Carrier

This vest reminds us of CP JPC, although it has a molle laser cut on practically the entire surface. The same system but with fewer strips with which to get stuck on the branches. And a kangaroo pocket for three rifle magazines, which enables to save at least one pouch.

Viper Shoulder Comfort Pads

We can attach these additional shoulder pads to the plate carrier. Thanks to its padded finish they provide extra comfort when we carry the vest or backpack. In addition, the elastic closure with holes enables to place communication cables, or the hydration tube, or even a tourniquet.

Viper Assault Panel

A simple, but complete, way to configure the back of the vest is to use a panel. This model, for example, offers pouches for three grenades or six magazines, on an administrative pouch with a lateral opening (thanks to its closure by elastic seams we will not drop anything and we can access its contents in a simple and safe way) and a space for the hydration bag inside the panel.

Viper Tactical Scrote Pouch

With this pouch we gain extra cargo space, thanks to its internal elastic loops we can carry well-secured grenades in addition to any other type of consumables. And most importantly, it will cover the food excesses that normally spoil our photos.

Viper Marker Flag

In the first SIX scene we could see how the DEVGRU used one of these high visibility flags to mark their position to the air support that was coming to help. In airsoft we could never have this type of support, but it works well to indicate that we have been eliminated and it is very tacticool!

Viper Skeleton Harness Set

The first line is a panel with molle laser cut that will allow us to load more equipment on top, for which the braces are very helpful to distribute the load of that extra weight. It also has a 3D grid finish that will provide extra comfort but that it can also be disassembled if necessary.

What is VCAM? It is a camouflage design developed by Viper Tactical that will undoubtedly remind us of the MultiCam but that is still a version of the same just like the Multi-Terrain Pattern of the English army, the Camogrom of the Polish, or many others. In general, it is a pattern that will help the equipment that we have chosen be equally effective in arid and forested environments, reducing the amount of camouflage that we have to buy so we can focus on buying more pieces with which to customise our equipment.