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Titan duel: which of these 2 Arcturus do you prefer?

They speak very well of the Arcturus, and it is not that difficult if you take the datasheet of the manufacturer into account: how nice they are when you see them in store and how well they shoot when you test them on the field.

But nobody tells you about something very important... If you could only take one, which one would it be?

Today we are talking about Arcturus AK-05. An AK which meets the needs of an experienced airsofter, with all the upgrades ... and all that out of the box!

We really appreciated the M-LOK handguard, without the upper part to lighten the weight with a RIS to mount a sight or AN/PEQ. We also really appreciated the design of the flashhider.


Personal defense weapons (PDWs) are a class of compact selective fire, magazine-fed, submachine gun like firearms – essentially a hybrid between a submachine gun and compact assault rifle. Most PDWs fire a small-caliber, high-velocity bottleneck cartridge, resembling a small or shortened intermediate rifle cartridge.

Arcturus presents this PDW, a short and robust replica with a precision barrel of 6.01 mm diameter. On the M-LOK handguard we will be able to mount accessories without sacrificing the low-profile.

It has a flashhider/silencer integrayed in the handguard that stands out, and a minimalist stock.