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ICS MARS internal parts, our opinion

ICS's v2 modular gearbox is already a hallmark of the Taiwanese manufacturer. But this time we found some extra quality surprises.

Improving what's already good

This gearbox includes a quick spring change system, which was already simple enough thanks to the modular system, now made even simpler. Allowing to change the spring much more quickly and easily without opening the gearbox completely, which could affect performance if not shut correctly.

Gaining realism

Those who like blowback will be satisfied. ICS includes a slot in the top of the gearbox through which the piston will drag the plate which covers the inside of the ejection port in each shot. Something that does not affect battery life and that provides more realism when firing the replica.

At the bottom of the heart

The steel gears run on 7 mm metal caps, moving a half-metal-toothed fibre head piston (to better withstand impacts) with bearings through the cylinder leading to a tear-drop opening. The spring rail is made of metal and carries bearings to improve spring torsion (m100 type) What does this all mean? You don’t have to touch a thing.

Room for surprise

The silver wiring is protected by a fuse, but what we liked most is the fact that it comes out of tube in the stock and passes through the lower channel – Tokyo Marui or Lonex style –, which, in our opinion, a great solution since there are no nuts or parts that can pinch it, leaving the tube of the stock tube free for a larger battery or... a future recoil system?



ICS has created two ready-for-battle "beasts". An M4 with many elements so that playing with them is as comfortable as possible, with internal parts so that performance is maximised with basic maintenance. And above all, with a style that sets them apart from the rest of the M4 market. ICS remains true to its principles: being different while offering quality products.