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Do you know what the difference between pistol guns Hi-Capa and 1911?

Since Japanese manufacturer flooded the market with the model Hi-Capa, there have been many airsofters who have wondered (and today still do) if it is the same model as the 1911 or what is the actual model and their differences.

The guns' gurus wil say that the model Hi-Capa does not exist as such in the real world. There are similar models of STI or Strayer Voigt known as "2011" (being an evolution of 1911).

Many say that the name "Hi-Capa" comes from a double rouw in the magazine making it possible to hold more bb's in it. As a consequence both pistol and magazine are wider.

So today, the latest Hi-Capa KJ Works model hits the market, the KP11. It reminds us of the KP08 model from the same manufacturer which obtained extraordinary sales results.

Its polymer body will work with gas and C02 versions, so that all players have their ideal gun. In both cases the performance of the blowback system is spectacular thanks to its metal slide.