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RedWolf FAQ: #NoSuchThingasAirsoftGlock

This article was originally published at redwolfairsoft.com

We probably got this question like a million times already, why there is no Glock replicas on your webstore? Why you cannot ship them to me? Why couldn't you just cover up the trades and ship to me?

The answer to that is:

No, just kidding, we do not sell unlicensed Glock replicas for a reason, and that reason is Glock USA, Glock Austria, Cybergun and Palco still hold the patent to the trademarks and the profile of the Glock, which means technically if the replica was not made under any of the above names it would be illegal and cannot be legally imported to your country as they would infringe with the copy rights of the above companies.

We know Glock is the most popular handgun out there and we certain hope Cybergun and Palco would soon make a civilian version of the Glock replicas for open sales so we could skirmish and train with them again. Until then we will not have any Glock replicas on our web store for the sake of respecting copyright and we appologize for any inconveniences caused :(