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A laser? A lamp?

ICU is the first tactical camera especially designed for the Airsoft. Thanks to ICU, record, visualize, edit and share Airsoft videos become a breeze. We can incorporate a Picatinny rail of the major part of rifle and of the guns.

New 0'20 Magazine is available!

Its lightness (27g) doesn’t change the replica’s balance. Resistant to the impacts, like the direct shoots on the front part. Until one hour of continuous video record.


-Video type: Ultra VGA

-Video format: 4:3

-Video resolution: 1280*960

-Frames: 30 frames/second

-Sound: Built-in microphone

-Photo resolution: 3.0 MP

-Focus range: 1 meter

-Memory type: Micro SD

-Card maximum capacity: 32G

-Charge port: Micro USB

-Battery Type: Li-on 130 MAH 3.7V

-Recorded time: 60min

-Cord Length: 28cm / 11 in