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First-person video of ambushed mercenaries

From the creator of "Gosht", an impressive short-themed sniper who has a surprise that catches everyone off guard, we have received a new short film.

But if you are of the few left who have not yet seen this video which was shot in Cantabrian lands under the direction of Herman Swaiss and with the collaboration of some members of Cantabria Wargames here you have it:

It is based on a short video created by some players  of BTF3, these they liked a lot and it seems that more than one airsofter in these lands too. We share it with you to see what you think.

Original video:

And this finally is the new video of Herman Swaiss (join the channel so you do not lose any more videos) happened to us and we returned with 2:12 minutes to enjoy breathtaking.