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This year may be the year of VFC!

This year may be the year of VFC! Very little models are causing such an expectation like the Stoner SR-25 Mk11 Mod 0 GBB does. We could look backwards and honestly, just a bit models could claim to be on the list.

Before the dawn, I'm ready to fight.

Before the dawn, My SR25 is ready to fire.


We are waiting...for the rise of new VFC masterpiece.


On the fan page of VFC , we could discover some pictures of the model, and even a video uploaded by Ben (the VFC’s the Chief designer whom we interviewed for the N07 of the magazine) the day of the photo shoot. Few brands publish a "making of" like this one. Luckily VegaForceCompanydoes!

What is the story of this model?


When Eugene Stoner (yes, the father of the M4) joined the Knight's Armament Company, he wanted to continue his last project: the AR10. It was a semi-automatic combat precision rifle which was dedicated to provide the American soldiers, but they did lose already a first assault with the M14. The final project was called SR25 because it included characteristics of the AR10 and the AR15 (yes, the name comes from the addition of the two models, they didn’t break a sweat honestly... :P).


We don’t have lots of information about the VegaForceCompany’s replica, but soon it will be available and we will be able to preorder it to see more. And if you are interested, we could ask Vegato get one and analyze it deeply to give you our opinion (just to let you know, at the office we may fight for being the first to have it).


This model is already on the 0'20 Magazine’s last Asian edition back cover. When will we be able to see it in Europe? According to them, soon. But when you want something that much, every second becomes an eternity...

How? Didn’t you know that a new edition of 0'20 Magazine had been released?

Of course, run to your shop before the out of stock! The edition of August is available to enjoy you beer on the beach without missing anything. We are particularly proud of our work (our grandmother tells us that every month we get better, so we avoided to count her that the magazine is released every two months).