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Augmented reality + Airsoft = MTO


BO Manufacture is a very active brand surrounded by players in order to understand them better and to suggest them some improvements, which really shake up the market. That’s how was born the MTO Proyect or today, the application of augmented reality that they just have announced. But let’s explain this step by step…

You don’t know what the MTO system deals with?

This is amazing, a big revolution for the airsoft industry. BO Manufacture has created the definitive system for the airsoft replicas, based on the magnetic force. It doesn’t need gears, neither motor, and it won’t fail after thousands of shoots: the system of BO Manufacture guarantees a million of shoots.

The battery endures a week. The immediate response of the trigger is counted in only milliseconds and everything takes place in an absolute silence, excepting the sound generated by the ball cutting the air, of course. 

What is the application of augmented reality?

We still don’t know so much about that, but BO Manufacture announces the launch of the aplicacición for Smartphone with training and pleasure purposes. Thanks to the augmented reality, we will be able to see on our screen some elements on the real image, captured by the camera.



Possibilities? Dianas, virtual ennemies, a videogame of shoot in first person...  Are we facing the new airsoft "Pokemon Go"? We will have to wait to see it but, if we consider the incredible work of BO Manufacture, we can expect something huge from the MTO Proyect...