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Do you know the short version of the Amoeba?

Here is another innovation of Amoeba M4, although the body looks like a M4, they have released three versions CG-001, CG-002 and CG-003. The pistol grip and charger Hi-Cap PMG have a rubber cover to protect them from falls. Inside the magazine we can see some cartridges which makes it more realistic.

This is where the similarities end. The CG-001 is the short version. You have four rails 3.5" for all your accessories. At the top find hikes that are removable and the back of the folding stock Amoeba type, which is covered by a rubber which makes it more comfortable when to face. being small makes it perfect for CQB still having a bit high fps, and thanks to its high accuracy in ranges of 20 meters, have no problems in settling your goals.

The AMOEBA is provided the EFC ARES system so you can make your AMOEBA shoot in burst size you desses. Inside they have a MOSFET which ensures that every shot has a great consistency allowing us to complete a full cycle of the gears.

The selectable modes are:

* Safe-Semi-Auto

* Safe-Semi-Blast 3

* Safe-Blast 3-Auto

* Safe-Semi-Semi