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The multicam of the future? That has to be the Kryptek

In Kryptek we can find everything, including uniforms, vests, accessories, car upholstery, bags lady… and that this pattern has no limits.

What do you think the sack-uniform?

And it was not a lie, here you Kryptek style upholstery and as I said the news on Facebook "This camo tries with everything".

So if you have love us is the Kryptek cape. Mola much and reminds us Frodo when soldiers hiding Eastern. :-)

The phenomenon of Multicam airsoft swept the sector as a scrum, a tropical storm, a low-flying F18 ... and filled the playing fields of players with uniforms and the rest of the kit in this pattern. But it seems that things have calmed down or maybe not?

Kryptek camouflage patterns are beginning to walk the same path that made the Multicam not so long ago. And the truth is that it promises since from the beginning does not propose a single color but in different shades find him.