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The perfect vest for the milsim?

Are many vests of different types, shapes and functionalities even depending on the type of AEG. We can find from Chest Rig more suitable for roles they need to go light up vests carrying plates.


Chest Rig are characterized by being light and little hot plus they are easy to put on. They consist of a pair of shoulder straps and a waist closure that does not move when running and it tighter. But they have one drawback its load capacity is less than that of a carrier plate which we take into account when choosing the team.

This light vest Chest Rig type is classic and simple construction. It is ideal for quick action in which not need lots of Equipment equipment is perfect for enthusiasts manibrabildad and light kit.

It is made of nylon 500D ensuring a resistance to mechanical damage and allows some water resistance. The vest has shoulder straps as 'H' shape which gives comfort and good load distribution. The front braiding allows coupling variety of items like radios, camelback, etc.

The vest has the following fixed compartments:

- 4 single magazine pouch M4

- 2 single magazine pouch secondary weapon

- 2 compartments with flap - for example for mobile

- 1 Universal rubber cord compartment - for example radio

The mag pouches have no flaps which provides quick access to shippers. Chargers are fixed with a braided rubber which prevents them from falling accidentally. In the flaps in the compartments and straps on the back is Velcro panels.

The straps are attached to the vest in 4 points fastex buckles which allow quick release if necessary. In the inside the entire jacket has Velcro allowing the panel to adhere to a bulletproof vest with velcro.