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How to wearing a backpack properly?

How to fill a backpack?

There are many theories as people can carry a backpack but if you do this wrong you sure will not go:

- Load the heaviest in the middle of the pack and near your spine to improve stability and load transfer equipment. Think 'light-heavy-light'.

- Keep what you will be using during the road in the side pockets which used to go stand on the top of the pack and the rest in the background.

- If you bring small objects put them in a bag to find them faster.

- Adjust the straps and prevents anything can hang on the outside to avoid hook up with the branches.

- Put everything always in the same places and so you always know where to find it automatically.

The Assault backpack is compact and lightweight with MOLLE and 20 liters capacity. It presents a completely paneled exterior MOLLE allowing the user to expand significantly its capacity and transportation. The US ASSAULT backpack  is manufactured by the German company Sturm Mil-Tec offers 2 additional pockets on the outside an intermediate pocket and main compartment fully open.

This military backpack has an extra pocket with velcro to attach a bag or hydration reservoir (not included). Its shoulder straps are padded and are fully adjustable. In addition also it has a lumbar belt attachment so that the weight is more evenly distributed throughout the user's back.


- 4 pockets or compartments: the main large, an intermediate opening up the middle of the pack, and 2 outdoor, one smaller upper and lower slightly larger.

- All feature double zipper pockets.

- D-rings on the shoulder straps (one on each side).

- Handle grip and manual handling at the top.

- Side straps and bottom compression.

- Back pocket for hydration bag.

- Capacity: 20 liters

- Size: 42 x 20 x 25 cm.

- Weight: 1.1 kg (empty)

- Fabric: 100% polyester coated with polyvinyl chloride

- Padding: EVA foam (550 g / qm)

- Color: Coyote