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What happen if UK troops clashed with US troops?

British paratroopers from 16th Air Assault Brigade attempts to take control of a village in a mock combat held by US paratroopers Airborne Division 2BCT 82a for as bilateral training exercise at Fort Bragg.

The 16th Air Assault Brigade is a formation of the British army based in Colchester in Essex County. It is the formation of rapid response of the Air Force and is the only Operations Brigade in the British army capable of performing air raids and airborne operations.

It was formed as part of defense reforms implementadss by the Strategic Defense Review on September 1, 1999 by the merger of the 24 Airmobile Brigade and elements of the Fifth Airborne Brigade. This group has created a highly mobile brigade units parachute and airmobile units, employing helicopters. It is the only Airborne Brigade in the British Army (outside special forces); They are carrying as part of a uniform brown beret.

The 16th Air Assault Brigade provides close air support (CAS) and Deep Air Support (DAS) to friendly ground units that require additional air fire power and quick response air unit Britain.