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The new vehicle of the Spetsnaz

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the headquarters of the Federal Security Service of Russia (FSB) and where its officials took the opportunity to introduce the latest special-purpose armored vehicle - Punisher.

Punisher comes as the latest in a series of modernizations for Spetsnaz, an elite unit of the FSB of Russia and one of the units of elite special forces in the world.


Spetsnaz is the Russian word for commands special forces military and police elite of the current Russian Federation.

Its literal translation would be "unit of special designations." Spetsnaz in the West the word is used to refer specifically to the special forces of Russia and other former members of the URSS.

The FSB (former KGB) has 2 groups of special forces, Alfa Group (A) and Vympel Group (B) also called "Vega". The Alfa team specializes in counter-terrorism, and is one of the most respected worldwide special units.