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"That Others May Live"

"That Others May Live" is the motto of the US Air Force Pararescue Jumpers. This group is dedicated to the rescue of operators. They are probably the most eficient of all operators.

They must be able to face any type of situation on any terrain. They are expected to parachute, dive in water, climb and reach snowy collars. At the same time, they are famous for their specialization in “survivalism” for them and for those they save.

Most important of all, USAF PJ are trained to treat sick and injured people on the ground, wherever they may be. They are definitely the best, and we pay tribute to their bravery.

This PJ. 15 CO2 stippled and marked by patina, just like the PJ soldiers, it shares experiences in total sobriety and eficiency.

Internally, you will and a cannon made of steel measuring 6.01mm to keep the opposition at a good distance when you have to rescue your buddies. 30 Pieces Limited Edition