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Photographs that will pump you up

Photo: Specialist Joshua Leonard (via U.S. Army in Europe).

Soldiers of Company Charlie 2-104 of Cavalry Regiment of National Guard in Pennsylvania pose for a group picture after a battle simulation, part of training "Saber Strike 2014".

Photo: Sergeant H. Lopez (via USMC).
Firing an automatic M240B during an exercise.

Photo: First class deputy Brian Bekkala (via USMC).
Riding a zodiac during a launch and recovery exercise from the USS Green Bay transport dock.

Photo: Sergeant Bobby J. Yarbrough (via USMC).
Amphibious Assault Platoon from the Marines, E company, during an exercise outside East Coast of US.

Photo: Sergeant Paul Peterson (via USMC).
Lithuanian soldier together with US Marines, part of the Black Sea Forces, face the enemy on a joint attack during Saber Strike exercise in Lithuania, on June 15th of 2015.