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How many vest options did you have when you started playing? Surely not as many as now (unless you started playing last week) and that's thanks to brands like 8Fields that offer a wide range of products and configuration possibilities for your gear. Now the brand takes us by surprise with its PREMIUM range, that boasts a truly amazing quality.


5-Cordura 500D

This chest rig also belongs to the PREMIUM range, so it is made of original Cordura 500D and, like the plate carrier, it has a hydrophobic treatment to repel water in the event of rain. Thanks to Cordura you will have a very reliable chest rig in terms of quality and durability.

6-H straps

The H-shape design of the back instead of the classic in “X” with which you are going to distribute the load of the chest rig between the shoulders and the back, so it feels much firmer and tighter to the body to avoid misalignment.


Something that I really liked was the versatility of the pockets for the magazines of our primary replica gun, since - unlike many models of this type on the market- it allows us to use both M4 and AK magazines, making the chest rig suit each player.

8-Admin Pouches

In these two pockets you can store tools to make a quick fix in your replica, CO2 tanks in case of using grenades or pistol magazines and even basic things such as a replacement for contact lenses if you need them.

9-Pistol magazines

Despite being a chest rig, they have taken into account the fact that we all like to carry two pistol magazines in addition to the one already in the gun. So in the front between the two admins you can carry two pistol magazines without having to put them on the first line.

How many vest options did you have when you started playing? [PART 1]