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Will the Specna Arms sniper be better than the Novritsch sniper?

Specna Arms has announced an expansion of its offer of airsoft replicas with new models of sniper rifles in its Core line. We do not know the release date, however, we have seen that some lucky people like Maniek44 are already testing it.

We already have information regarding important features. The spring models SA-S02 and SA-S03 will be part of the CORE series, known by airsoft players for their excellent quality/price ratio.

The body is made of polymer reinforced with high quality nylon fiber. And it will be available in four colors, including a camouflage pattern.

In addition, to provide a better grip, some parts like the handle have granulated textures. Other components such as the barrel or the bolt are metallic.

The rifle is equipped with two 22 mm RIS rails for optical sights and a lower rail for other accessories. Thanks to the adjustable stock and the cheak rest, the shooter can adapt the replica to his body type and preferences. The series includes three models.

The manufacturer informs us that the new replica will be sold separately or with additional accessories such as sight or bipod. We are still waiting for more information about this promising sniper rifle, but with what has been seen so far, do you think it will the Specna Arms sniper be better than the Novritsch sniper?