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Like Alexander III of Macedon, or Alexander the Great, the Macedonian king who built one of the most powerful empires of the ancient world, this Rudis Magna aims to make a qualitative leap in the series.

After the other two lines, Rudis and Rudis Acta Non Verba, the Magna line is presented as a premium product within the series, and so this is Rudis "the Great", the new jewel in Secutor's empire.

The sides of this gun have the motto "Sic parvis magna", which translated would be something like "Greatness is born of small beginnings." Perhaps it is because Secutor’s humble origins were precisely a Rudis and now, a year later, it offers a very complete and varied catalogue, and it has become a very popular brand among players.

Or maybe it's a call to players to remember that greatness lies in humility, something that seems to have been forgotten in many airsoft fields.

1911 with integrated RMR

The big difference compared to what was already in the market is that the platform where the RMR is coupled is integrated into the slide. This has been done just like in real gun models, cutting the slide a few millimetres to fit this platform inside, reducing its height and leaving the RMR almost flush-fitting with the slide, just like in real guns.

Before this there were some platforms that went over the slide and the set was too high or like in a IPSC gun style.

Secutor launches the Rudis Magna range offering the "VII" models in tan, "XII" in black and the "XIV" in a green OD that we really liked. Making a green replica is a risk since it must very good or it is a failure, there is no middle ground. And in this case the result is impressive.

Internally speaking or regarding its performance, this Rudis line is like the other two, so we get an equally impressive result.

You can find many videos on YouTube know more about the outstanding performance of the Rudis. Secutor continues to offer CO2 magazines as standard, more stable against weather changes, but also has gas magazines for sale separately. Both options it includes a second nozzle and rubber set so that the replica maintains an stable FPS regardless of whether it is winter or summer.