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Special Forces Of France: Jihadist Nightmare Fuel

“Even if France is wounded, she will rise,” former French President Francois Hollande said. “Even if we are in grief, nothing will destroy her. France is strong, valiant and will defeat this barbarism.”

The Commandement des Opérations Spéciales (COS; "Special Operations Command") is the organisation which coordinates the use of the French special forces of all military branches (Army, Navy, and Air Force). Similar to USSOCOM or UKSF, COS was created on 24 June 1992, following the Gulf War.

Its role is to direct and coordinate missions for special forces units; these are permanently under its direct command and immediately available for action. The command is led by a brigadier general or rear admiral, a NATO OF-6 post.

The following video highlights the types of men that will be delivering the retribution for the French people and the rest of the free world.